FM Translator Dismissal Aftermath - The Private Sector to the Rescue!

Searchable lists of the 3,000+ dismissed applications now available

Let’s have a big CommLawBlog cheer for the private sector! As we reported yesterday, the Media Bureau unceremoniously dumped about 3,000 FM translator applications into the trash. In doing so, the Bureau chose not to issue the type of public notice that usually accompanies such actions. Instead, the staff issued a public notice announcing, in general terms, that it had tossed the apps, and advising that anyone who wanted to know which applications had been tossed could knock themselves out performing wildcard searches in CDBS. As we observed, this approach was not especially helpful to folks in the private sector who might have an interest in figuring out which applications were gone and which are still alive and kicking.

Fortunately, Dave Doherty from Skywaves Consulting LLC in Millbury, Massachusetts has come to the rescue. Dave has prepared two lists of all the dismissed applications. One list is organized alphabetically by applicant, the other alphabetically by state. They both contain the same data – Facility ID Number, Channel, Frequency, State, City, Applicant Name and File Number.  Both lists are searchable. We haven't doublechecked Dave's handiwork, so if you're inclined to rely on it, you do so at your own risk.  But at least it attempts to provide a more useful approach to the dismissed translators than the FCC did.  We asked Dave if we could post links to his two lists for our readers, and he graciously agreed. Thanks, Dave! (Dave’s contact information is available on his lists, if you want to thank him personally.)

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Keith Leitch - February 6, 2013 5:13 PM

Anyone have a list of what everyone kept? When I look at the attachment to the latest filed dismissed app, I only see e-mail cover pages and not the actual Market Cap showings by the applicants.

Rob S. - February 8, 2013 2:18 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing that, Keith. I expected to see the whole filings and instead can only view the cover pages. That said, the time in which the Media Bureau turned around the filings and generated the public notice is nothing short of impressive. They were faced with a ton of inbound filings and data, and they processed it in a most efficient fashion. Commendable, for sure.

To the larger point, my hat is off to Dave Doherty. I briefly considered trying to make such a list, but after fiddling with the wildcards enough to get the required info for my own employer, I couldn't fathom how long it would take to generate such lists for everyone and I just walked away. So, thank you very much Dave. Your work will benefit a number of people and groups, and we thank you!

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