The FCC has granted Corr Wireless Communications, LLC’s request to be relieved of the obligation to provide analog service over its cellular facilities.   Corr demonstrated that it had very few remaining analog-only customers and that the need to continuing serving these customers until the spring of 2008 was actually impeding its ability to improve and expand service to its far more numerous digital customers.    The FCC did require Corr to offer to transition the remaining analog customers to digital service at no cost and to certify that there would be no diminution of its coverage area as a result of the conversion to all-digital operation.

While in a digital mood, the FCC shortly thereafter, in a separate action, denied the alarm industry’s bid to extend the analog service requirement for two years.  The Commission seems to have gotten the message that there are really some benefits to all-digital operation, and the seven years that customers have had to say goodbye to their analog phones is more than enough.