The FHH Rockets (aka F-bombs) showed up at the Jeff last night hungry for their first on-field victory of the 2007 season, but as it turned out, Mintz meat was not on the menu. The Rockets fell to Mintz Levin, 14-6.

Cobwebs and rust were the story of the night for the Bombs. Occasionally spotty defensive work allowed the Mintzers to plate four runs in the first and third and three in the second and fifth. And while the Rockets showed considerable power at the plate, a number of screaming line drives – doubtless run-producing under different circumstances – were snagged by Mintz fielders before they could do any damage.

Although last night’s result was disappointing, the Rockets showed plenty of potential. At 1-1 on the season (they won last week by forfeit), the Bombs will head to the Jeff next Monday, July 2, at 7:00 p.m. to face Wiley Rein.

Go Rockets!