The FCC has asked for comment on a waiver request for certification of a "tank level probing radar" in the 77-81 GHz band. The device would comply with the general emissions limits in Section 15.209. The band is allocated for radio astronomy, space research, radar, and amateur use.

A waiver is necessary because 77-81 GHz falls within the "restricted bands" in which the FCC ordinarily prohibits intentional emissions from unlicensed devices. When the restricted bands were first identified, there was little activity above 38.6 GHz, so as a precaution the FCC declared everything above 38.6 GHz to be restricted. That includes this device’s proposed operating frequencies.

As the FCC continues to promote use of the millimeter-wave spectrum above 38.6 GHz, a reexamination of the restricted bands in that region is becoming increasingly urgent.

Comments on the waiver request are due on July 12, and reply comments on July 27.

To obtain the request, including the proposed waiver conditions, browse to this link and enter 07-96 in the "Proceeding" field.