The full text of the FCC’s decision establishing the fees can be found here. The Commission tacks on a 25% late payment charge, so it is important to be sure that all reg fees are paid by the deadline.

The FCC released the long-awaited Report and Order establishing the FY 2007 regulatory fees. The Commission has also announced that the deadline for submitting the fees this year is 11:59 p.m. on September 19, 2007. As in past years, the fees can be submitted on-line or by sending payment (along with a completed Form 159) to the FCC in Pittsburgh. Be on the lookout for one or more postcard notices from the FCC setting forth the fee(s) you will be expected to pay, but note that the postcard(s) will likely list only the fees for full-service authorizations. You will still need to determine whether additional fees are owed for, e.g., auxiliary licenses. Note also that, even if you don’t receive a postcard notice from the Commission, you will still be required to pay any regulatory fees owed.