The FCC has released the "final" DTV Table of Allotments, which will replace the current DTV Table at the end of the DTV Transition on February 17, 2009.  The Order adopting the final DTV Table addresses and disposes of a number of individual requests for changes to the table.  We put "final" in quotation marks because, while the Commission uses the term "final" to describe this iteration of the Table, the Order itself includes proposals for a handful of additional changes on which the Commission seeks further comment.  The DTV Table can be found at:  Comments on the changes proposed in the Order will be due within 30 days of publication of the Order in the Federal Register; reply comments will be due 15 days later.
At the same time, the Commission extended the deadline for submission of comments in the Third Biennial Review proceeding.  Originally comments were due on August 8th, but in light of the late release of final DTV Table (which could "inform" comments on the Third Biennial Review, according to the AFCCE), the Commission extended the Comment date to August 15, 2007, and the Reply Comment date to August 30, 2007.