Claims for cable retransmission copyright royalties and/or satellite copyright royalties earned during 2007 must be submitted to  the Copyright Royalty Board of the Library of Congress by Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eligibility for royalties is based on carriage of your station’s programming outside of your local service area.  As a general matter, a station is eligible to receive royalties if its programs were retransmitted on "distant" cable systems and/or carried on satellites to subscribers outside the station’s Designated Market Area ("DMA"). "Distant" cable systems are those that meet the following three criteria: the cable system is (1) outside the station’s Designated Market Area ("DMA"); AND (2) at least 35 miles from the  station’s community of license, AND (3) outside the station’s predicted Grade B contour.

Please contact Davina Sashkin at or (703) 812-0458 for assistance with the preparation and filing of your royalty claims.