We have discovered two fake FCC websites set up to intercept your financial information when you pay FCC fees.  These appear to be "phishing" sites designed to resemble the FCC’s official site, in order to dupe the unwary into uploading confidential information which can then be utilized by the sites’ creators.

DO NOT BE FOOLED!!  When paying fees, you should be cautious to ensure that the site you are accessing is, in fact, the FCC’s official site, and not a cleverly disguised impostor.  When you want to access the FCC’s reg fee site, a good practice is ALWAYS to start by manually typing into the browser address window. Once there, click on the "FY 2008 REGULATORY FEES" link at the top of the page.  DO NOT attempt to access the FCC website by following other people’s links or by using a search engine (e.g., Google).

Note that the phishing sites are designed to look exactly like the official FCC site, complete with “FY 2006 REGULATORY FEES” link and other seemingly official features.