Users can easily search by frequency, service, many other options

Our friend Andrew Clegg, who knows as much about radio spectrum as anyone, has launched a website to help the rest of us catch up.

Enter a frequency and you find its allocations, services, band plans, channel plans, auction history . . . and a link right to the applicable FCC rules. Learn which frequencies are available for a particular service. Find the bands shared by two particular services. Get background information on usage. Search by ITU footnote. (Okay, that one’s obscure.) Obtain useful engineering data, including band designators and free space loss at various distances.

The website is still in development, but those who use this kind of information on a daily basis, as we do, will find it invaluable. It trumps by far the FCC’s “Spectrum Dashboard” we reported on the other day, both by frequency coverage and by extent of data provided.

Dr. Clegg asked us to stress that the site is still under development. He invites feedback at