Fletcher Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C., has unveiled its new brand image and website. Check it out at www.fhhlaw.com.

The outside marketing consultants wanted us to issue a press release with all kinds of extravagant, eye-catching, ALL CAPS brags about cutting-edge this and state-of-the-art that. You know, like an ad for a RONCO product, but tasteful (because we are a law firm, after all).

No thanks.

We think the new website is slick, attractive, easy to navigate, informative, and all the good things that a law firm website should be. But deep down inside, it’s just a website. It introduces us, and lets you know who we are and what we can do.

You can read about each of our current team of lawyers and the firm’s history. (We’ve been around for 74 years, almost as long as the FCC itself.)   On the home page we’ve included interesting (we think they’re interesting) factoids about each of us. One factoid per view – just hit refresh to see a different one. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop – like eating peanuts.

It’s got nice photos of us all. We debated what the photos should look like. Should we pose in faux meetings or courtroom dioramas, looking brutally hard-nosed yet supremely reasonable? Should we emphasize our softer side, dressing up in recreational garb (wetsuits? cycling outfits? camo?)? Should we pose in non-office settings, looking tanned, rested, and ready? We went with down-to-earth, the way we really look. (Except in person we are in full color.)

The website has links to our blog and our informative publications, the Memo to Clients and FHH Telecom Law. The front page also includes the headlines from our most recent blog postings, in the unlikely event that you haven’t seen them elsewhere.

Oh, and you’ll notice right away that the motif is blue. Really blue. Our old site was predominantly purplish red. That was OK for the 1990s. Not any more. Some of us thought green was the way to go this time around. But we went with the blue.

So if you want to know about Fletcher Heald – or if you’re just curious about our new site – stop by and take a look. We’d like to know what you think. Unless you’re lobbying for green. That discussion is over. We’re sticking with blue.