FHH’s Frank Jazzo and the FCC’s Bobby Baker headline a comprehensive refresher course

With the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary already fading in the rear-view and the bright lights of Election Night peeping up over the horizon, there can be little doubt: Campaign 2012 has kicked into high gear. The prime primary season is coming on fast, and the real deal election will not be far behind – so if you’re a broadcaster and you haven’t yet developed your plan for dealing with the political broadcasting rules, time’s a-wastin’.

Anyone looking for a refresher course need look no further: we here at Fletcher Heald (in cooperation with a number of state broadcast associations) recently presented a webinar surveying the political broadcasting rules. Led by Frank Jazzo, the presentation featured Bobby Baker, the FCC’s guru on all things political. (Technical note: Bobby’s formal title is Assistant Chief of the Media Bureau’s Policy Division.) For more than an hour and a half Frank and Bobby reviewed the most important aspects of the rules, providing useful tips on how those rules work in the real world. (Frank and Bobby also took a few questions from the audience.)

If you missed the show, you can still catch it in re-runs.  Access the full audio-visual experience by clicking here to get to the WMV recording of the program. (Once you click on the link, you should be prompted to open the file; it’s a big file, and may take a couple of minutes to load.) If you only want to review a PDF of the underlying PowerPoint presentation, click here.

One other alternative – make arrangements for Frank (or another member of the FHH team) to provide you and your organization your own webinar.