Auction 93, featuring 119 FM construction permits on the block, is on schedule. The Commission has issued an update notice describing generally the applications that have been filed and the procedures and relevant deadlines governing the process from here on out. Quick summary: 111 complete applications; 32 incomplete applications; two rejected applications. Upfront payments due February 22, 2012 (by 6:00 p.m. ET). The auction is scheduled to begin March 27, 2012.

Anyone who filed an application for any of the channels should be sure to read the public notice carefully, as it contains information concerning important ground rules for everybody’s conduct between now and the end of the auction process. (If you happen to be on the list of “incomplete” applications, you’ve got until February 22 to re-submit your application, with any deficiencies corrected, in order to qualify to participate in the auction. Oh yeah, and you’ll have to pony up the upfront payment by February 22 as well.)