Three petitions seek minor adjustments to rules.

The FCC’s order from last January expanding the scope of experimental licenses has drawn three petitions for reconsideration. Considering the broad reach of the order, the fact that only three were filed is a testament to the FCC’s foresight.

Sirius XM Radio and EchoStar Technologies, which provide satellite services to the public, seek a clarification and expansion of the term “emergency notifications,” the bands for which receive special protection from experimental licensees.

Medtronic, Inc., which develops medical devices, wants expanded eligibility for Medical Testing Experimental Radio Licenses to include all sponsors and sponsor-investigators as defined by the FDA, and requests a clarification that cost reimbursement for clinical trials is not a violation of the equipment marketing rules.

Our friend Michael Marcus of Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC wants the “passive bands,” including those used for radio astronomy, made available to experimental licensees at frequencies above 100 GHz.

The FCC has put these on public notice. Comment due dates must await publication in the Federal Register. Watch this space.