FHH team offers guidance to BLT participants.

If you’ve ever wondered where tomorrow’s broadcast leaders will be coming from, look no further than the Broadcast Leadership Training Program (BLT). Created by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF), the BLT is a 10-month Executive MBA-style program that exposes talented senior level broadcast execs to the fundamentals of successful radio and TV operation. (Check out the BLT website for information on how to apply for next year’s program.)

And who teaches BLT participants? A wide range of professionals and academics who know what they’re talking about – including (and here we’re quoting the BLT website) “leading communications attorneys”. So it should not surprise you that the October 19 session on “Choosing and Working with Your Legal Advisors” was led by none other than FHH mavens (and CommLawBlog contributors) Frank Montero and Dan Kirkpatrick. Frank and Dan took their tutees through practical questions they’re likely to confront: the types of lawyers that a broadcaster would need; how to select various lawyers; billing issues; how to use your lawyer; and related topics.

This year’s class includes: Jeff Anderson; Pamela Barber; David Benton; Derrick Chresfield; Twanda Dula; James Finch; Robert Koplar; Mario Mendoza; Veronica Moroian; Elizabeth Russell Neuhoff; Efren Padilla; Oscar Rodriguez; Andy Ruback; John Treviño; Ty Shea; Benjamin Van Ness; Chris Weimer; Michelle Wright. They’re shown in the photo below, along with Michelle Duke (of the NAB) and Trila Bumstead (current dean of the BLT program) and Frank and Dan. How can you tell that they’re leaders on the rise? They’re all sporting their CommLawBlog shades. (Don’t you wish you had your pair?)