The FCC has abandoned Location and Monitoring Service rules proposed in 2006.

It took eight years, but the FCC has walked away from a 2006 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that laid out possible new rules for the 902-928 MHz band. Among others sharing this heavily-used frequency range are Part 15 unlicensed operations, including many millions of consumer, commercial, and industrial devices, and the Part 90 Location and Monitoring Service (LMS), launched before the days of inexpensive GPS as a way of locating fleet vehicles.

The now-abandoned NPRM would have broadened the range of services possible under an LMS license. The proposals raised alarm among Part 15 manufacturers and users, who feared the changes would bring increased interference into their devices. LMS and Part 15 interests between them sent the FCC some 225 filings, the large majority dating back to 2006-07.

The FCC, without getting into the specifics, has now determined that the existing LMS rules are adequate, and accordingly has decided against adopting the 2006 proposals.