Back in April we reported on the adoption of service rules to govern AWS-3 service on 65 MHz of repurposed spectrum, and then last month we noted the publication of the FCC’s action in the Federal Register. As longtime CommLawBlog readers know, Federal Register publication of such things starts the time for filing petitions for reconsideration (which are due within 30 days of publication) and petitions for judicial review (due within 60 days of publication. And sure enough, according to an FCC public notice, two parties have indeed filed for reconsideration.

Trimble Navigation Limited and Deere & Company – two members of the GPS Innovation Alliance – filed a joint petition asking for more stringent limits on AWS-3 emissions into radionavigation satellite system spectrum. Meanwhile, Engineers for the Integrity of Broadcast Auxiliary Services Spectrum also sought reconsideration. Their complaint: in its decision the FCC appears to have completely ignored their comments regarding the FCC’s decision to move Department of Defense operations into the 2 GHz TV Broadcast Auxiliary Services band.

Interested parties will be permitted to comment on either of both of these petitions. The deadline, however, won’t be set until the FCC’s public notice shows up in the Federal Register. Ordinarily, the comment period in such situations is abbreviated, so if you are interested, be sure to check back here for updates.