Mitch came to the law the long way around and relatively late in life.

Mitchell Lazarus, FHH veteran and CommLawBlog regular, has announced he will retire at the end of this year. But not completely. Mitch will stay on the FHH letterhead as Of Counsel, will keep an office in our suite, and can still be reached through his FHH phone number and email address. We will, of course, also keep his suite in the CommLawBlog bunker ready for him.

IMPORTANT: Mitch’s active clients should have received an email about this transition. If you did not, please contact him at

Mitch came to the law the long way around and relatively late in life. Holding advanced degrees from M.I.T. and Georgetown University in three different fields, he has earned his living as an electrical engineer, psychology professor, education reformer, educational TV developer, free-lance writer, and (until now) telecommunications lawyer. His legal specialty, in addition to fixed microwave communications, has been securing regulatory approvals for new technologies. Most of this work involves behind-the-scenes industrial and commercial devices, but CommLawBlog readers will be familiar with at least two of his successes: contemporary Wi-Fi and the “millimeter wave” body scanners used at U.S. airports.

Mitch is a frequent speaker on issues at the intersection of law and engineering. He has published several articles in the widely-read IEEE Spectrum magazine, and authored the widely-ignored “Government Warning” on U.S. alcohol beverage labeling. In his off hours, he is finishing a book about the Manhattan Project and tells us he has another book in the pipeline.

Mitch has promised to continue to post items of interest here, and we intend to hold him to that. We here in the bunker are incredibly grateful to Mitch for his central role in getting CommLawBlog off the drawing board and onto your screen, and for making it what it has become. We hope our readers are equally grateful. They have reason to be.

And with that, a final Blogmeister’s note to Mitch as he embarks on his next adventure: Godspeed.