As we reported yesterday, the Commission’s late-October “Second Order on Reconsideration” with respect to its channel sharing rules was published in the Federal Register on November 2, even though its predecessor, last June’s “First Order on Reconsideration” in the same matter, still hadn’t graced the Register’s pages. Whether that occurred by oversight or design, that was fixed yesterday as well: the First Recon Order has now been formally published. This sets: the effective date (December 2, 2015) of the First Order, except for §§1.2204(c)(4) and 73.3700(b)(1), which have to be OK’d by OMB before they can take effect; the deadline for petitions for reconsideration (also December 2) of the First Order; and the deadline for petitions for review (January 4, 2016) addressed to the Federal Circuit court of your choice. (As we reminded readers yesterday, any would-be appellant looking for a ping pong ball in the judicial lottery, if such a lottery is needed, should be sure to comply with the relevant procedures, which require, among other things, that the petition for review be filed by November 12.)