Back in May we reported on the opening up of the 3.5 GHz (3550-3700 MHz) band for a wide variety of new uses, making it the new home of the new Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). While some of the new (or modified) rules governing that band took effect last July, a number didn’t, thanks to our old friend, the Paperwork Reduction Act. But now the FCC has announced that the PRA maze has been successfully navigated and, as a result, all but two of the new/revised rules will take effect on December 16, 2015. So you can get out your set of the rules and mark the following sections “effective” as of that date: §§96.17(d); 96.21(a)(3); 96.23(b); 96.33(b); 96.35(e); 96.39(a), (c)-(g); 96.41(d)(1); 96.43(b); 96.45(b); 96.45(d), 96.51; 96.57(a)-(c); 96.59(a); 96.61; 96.63; and 96.67(b)-(c).

By our count, that leaves two sections still in PRA limbo: §§96.29 and 96.49. We don’t know why those haven’t made it through yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for them and let you know if and when they do. These concern, respectively, auction procedures and requirements for equipment authorization.