fcc building-1 With the release of the Incentive Auction Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice (affectionately known as the “CCR”), the FCC officially draws the spectrum Incentive Auction to a close. The CCR is a must-read for TV broadcasters and wireless carriers alike. It announces broadcast and wireless winning bidders, sets deadlines and timetables for filings, and provides buildout benchmarks relevant to both broadcasters and wireless companies to convert the new 600 MHz band to wireless use.  Of particular interest to FHH broadcast clients is the setting in motion of the Post-Incentive Auction Transition (“Repack”), starting with a 90-day scramble to file construction permit applications and relocation expense reimbursements for repacked stations which ends on July 12, 2017.  LPTV stations also will be impacted by the channel reassignment and will need to prepare for displacements starting this fall.  Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth PLC is ready to guide you through this process – give us a call.