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EAS: FCC Asks Questions, Suggests Extension Of CAP Compliance May Be In Store, Sets Date For National Test

On the EAS front: the Commission has issued another notice of proposed rulemaking aimed at advancing the transition to a CAP-based emergency alert system. Newly-announced comment deadlines are coming up fast. Good news: the notice suggests that the FCC is open to possible extension of the CAP implementation deadline, currently set for September 30.… Continue Reading

Unprotected Six?

In a bold move guaranteed to generate heated debate, National Public Radio has asked the Commission to dump Channel 6 protection obligations which have long been imposed on NCE-FM stations.… Continue Reading

S. 649: The First Step Toward Spectrum Redistribution?

With several trillion dollars' worth of bills stacking up on the kitchen table, the Senate is thinking about searching for quarters under the sofa cushions. In these dire economic times, some Senators have proposed that Congress get ready for a Federal spectrum yard sale by making a list of all the spectrum controlled by NTIA and the FCC.… Continue Reading

Send In The Clones!

Late last month we reported on a bill in the House that would eliminate the third-adjacent channel protections which full power FMs have enjoyed vis-à-vis LPFM stations since 2000. The House bill (H.R. 1147) now has a little friend over on the Senate side.… Continue Reading

Third-Adjacent Protection From LPFM’s On The Chopping Block

A bill that would statutorily eliminate the third-adjacent channel protection to full-power FM stations has been introduced in the House. In addition to adding one more back (or maybe it's one more forth) to the long-running back-and-forth struggle over third adjacent protections, the bill - if ultimately passed - is also likely to fan the FCC's ardor for "localism".… Continue Reading