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Nightlight, Pink Slips

A TV station providing "enhanced analog nightlight service" asked the Commission if it could please be relieved of the final three weeks of its analog service commitment. There did not appear to be any significant public concern about continued analog service,and keeping the analog in operation would seriously threaten three staffers whose positions would otherwise have to be terminated.… Continue Reading

“Analog Nightlight” Update: Comments Are Due January 5

If you are planning to file comments on the FCC's effort to implement the "analog nightlight" service, you'd better put aside thoughts of a pleasant New Year's Eve and New Year's Day holiday and start drafting now. Comments are officially due on Monday, January 5, 2009. Reply comments are due three days later, on Thursday, January 8.… Continue Reading

“Analog Nightlight” Service Standards Proposed

Acting with blazing speed, on Christmas Eve the Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) setting out the tentative standards and processes for implementation of the SAFER Act which was signed into law on December 23, just the day before the NPRM was released. The SAFER Act - which the FCC now catchily refers to as the "Analog Nightlight Act" - authorizes continued, albeit very limited, operation of some analog TV stations beyond the previously-established February 17, 2009, termination date of such operation.… Continue Reading