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Antennas: When is an Omni Not an Omni?

A petitioner, relying on an obscure 1984 public notice, recently tried to block a proposed station modification by claiming (among other things) that the omnidirectional antenna proposed should be treated as a directional. Broadcasters (and particularly FM stations) with plans to change their antennas in the near term may wish to take note.… Continue Reading

FCC Considering Moment Method Modeling in lieu of Field Strength Measurements for Directional AM Applicants

By Harry Cole

The FCC has requested comments on a proposal to let some, but not necessarily all, AM directional applicants use moment method computer modeling to demonstrate that their directional antennas perform as authorized.

The proposal was advanced by a coalition of broadcast engineering mavens - broadcasters, manufacturers, consulting engineers - a couple of weeks ago, following several months of meetings and deliberations.  The idea is to reduce the burden, both on AM applicants and on the Commission's processing staff, by eliminating the need to conduct and analyze field strength measurements of directional ...

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