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HD Radio: Yet Another Tweak Proposed

In the latest effort to get HD radio's actual performance to come close to its original promise, some of the system's cheerleaders have advanced a new approach: asymmetric sideband operation for FM stations. The Media Bureau wants to know what you think of that idea.… Continue Reading

Christmas Comes Early For LPFMs

With the clock ticking down on this session, and with a newly-elected majority standing in the wings ready to take over come January, the lame duck Congress has managed to pass a new version of the "Local Community Radio Act", largely eliminating third-adjacent interference protection from low power FM stations.… Continue Reading

S. 592, Where Are You?

The bill that would repeal the LPFM third adjacent protection requirement looked like it was sailing through to quick passage a year ago. It's still on hold. What happened?… Continue Reading

Brrrrrrr – The Chill Is On

The FCC has announced an immediate freeze on certain FM allotment proposals -- and an eventual freeze on ALL FM applications -- in light of the upcoming December filing window for 67 FM channels reserved for non-commercial use.… Continue Reading

Takin’ Care of Bid-ness

Going once, going twice, SOLD!! After 50 rounds of bidding which spanned three weeks, Auction 79 -- featuring 122 FM construction permits -- was brought to a close late on the afternoon of September 15.… Continue Reading

HD Radio Upgrade: FCC Concentrates and Asks Again

A consortium of radio licensees and equipment manufacturers asked the FCC to please, please, please boost the maximum permissible digital power of FM stations using "HD Radio" technology by a factor of ten for some, but not necessarily all, stations. Having already asked for, and received, one set of comments on the proposal, the Commission is looking for more.… Continue Reading

Send In The Clones!

Late last month we reported on a bill in the House that would eliminate the third-adjacent channel protections which full power FMs have enjoyed vis-à-vis LPFM stations since 2000. The House bill (H.R. 1147) now has a little friend over on the Senate side.… Continue Reading

Third-Adjacent Protection From LPFM’s On The Chopping Block

A bill that would statutorily eliminate the third-adjacent channel protection to full-power FM stations has been introduced in the House. In addition to adding one more back (or maybe it's one more forth) to the long-running back-and-forth struggle over third adjacent protections, the bill - if ultimately passed - is also likely to fan the FCC's ardor for "localism".… Continue Reading

Ordure in the Court?

Fox oral argument in Supremes set for November 4 In planning your Election Day activities this Fall, you might want to pencil in a stop by the U.S. Supreme Court to catch the oral argument in the Fox v. FCC indecency case. (Read about the case in our earlier post.)  It’s currently scheduled for the … Continue Reading