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FCC Un-Restricts Restricted Bands for More Experimental Licenses

Sensitive frequencies now available to companies developing medical devices. A small fraction of frequency bands need extraordinary protection from radio interference. Some, like those used for radio astronomy, depend on extremely sensitive receivers. Others carry signals essential to safety, like search-and rescue bands and GPS, which helps to land airplanes as well as to find … Continue Reading

Effective Date Set for Fine-Tuned Experimental Licensing Rules; Comment Deadlines Announced for Further Proposed Changes

A month or two ago we reported on some fine-tuning of the FCC’s experimental licensing rules. This arose in the context of the Commission’s consideration of several petitions for reconsideration of  its 2013 overhaul of the experimental rules. The recent order effecting that fine-tuning has now made it into the Federal Register, which means that … Continue Reading

FCC Fine-Tunes Experimental Licensing Rules

New changes affect radio astronomy frequencies, emergency service providers, and medical telemetry bands, among others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology titan, a two-man start-up in a garage, or a spare-time basement tinkerer. You can make your radio tests legal with an FCC experimental license. The cost is not high – $65 for two … Continue Reading