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Moment Method Modeling: Update V

The Media Bureau has issued a Public Notice clarifying a number of questions that have arisen about who gets to use the moment modeling method (for AM directional proofs) and under what circumstances. If you plan to use that method, you should check the Notice out first.… Continue Reading

Moment Method Modeling: Update IV

In September the Commission approved moment method computer modeling for directional AM proofs. According to a notice in today's Federal Register, the forms (and associated rules) are effective as of February 5, 2009.… Continue Reading

Moment Method Modeling: Update III

If you are inclined to comment on the petition for reconsideration which was filed in connection with the moment method modeling rules adopted by the Commission last September, the window is now open - the notice concerning the petition appeared in the Federal Register on January 9, 2009. But watch out - that window is small, and will slam shut on January 23, 2009.… Continue Reading

Moment Method Modeling: Update II

Cohen, Dippell and Everist (CDE) has sought partial reconsideration of the new computer moment method modeling rules for directional AM proofs. CDE reasonably asks that the Commission provide a tad more guidance as to what the Commission wants to see in such proofs. CDE also raises what it refers to as the "moral hazard" issue. This is where things get interesting.… Continue Reading

Moment Method Modeling: Update

When is an effective date not really an effective date? When it involves use of the new moment method computer modeling rules adopted by the FCC last September. BUT there may be a work-around to help eager AM directional licensees take advantage of those rules sooner rather than later.… Continue Reading

FCC Considering Moment Method Modeling in lieu of Field Strength Measurements for Directional AM Applicants

By Harry Cole

The FCC has requested comments on a proposal to let some, but not necessarily all, AM directional applicants use moment method computer modeling to demonstrate that their directional antennas perform as authorized.

The proposal was advanced by a coalition of broadcast engineering mavens - broadcasters, manufacturers, consulting engineers - a couple of weeks ago, following several months of meetings and deliberations.  The idea is to reduce the burden, both on AM applicants and on the Commission's processing staff, by eliminating the need to conduct and analyze field strength measurements of directional ...

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