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“Come and Get It” Update

A four-person contingent from NTIA came to the NTA Convention in Denver last week to talk about their grant program for digital transmitters for Class A, LPTV, and TV Translator stations. They cleared up a couple of points and left at least one major question still unresolved.… Continue Reading

“Come And Get It!”

NTIA has finally issued a "Notice of Availability of Funds" for grants for upgrading Class A, Low Power TV (LPTV), TV Translator and TV Booster transmitters to digital operation. Bypassing any rulmaking proceeding, NTIA has simply declared that it has cash up for grabs. The Notice is NTIA's way of saying "come and get it." The fun starts July 13, 2009.… Continue Reading

Stimulus Tip: Towns May Be Willin’, But Don’t Forget Dillon!

A cautionary note with respect to an obscure, but potentially important, quirk in U.S. law that could mess up some plans to access Stimulus Package funds. Dillon's Rule could effectively bar, or at least seriously complicate, efforts by private entities to successfully dip into the deep pool of stimulus funds through the device of public/private partnerships.… Continue Reading

Stimulus Package: Construction of the Broadband Money Machine Begins

The newly-enacted-but-still-to-be-implemented Stimulus Package leaves a lot of questions unanswered. On March 10, the the agencies in charge met with the public to identify at least some of those questions and to begin the search for answers -- a search which must be completed under very tight time constraints.… Continue Reading