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Hello from the Other Side, I Must Have Called 21 Million Times… : To Tackle Robocalls From Illegally Spoofed Numbers, FCC Proposes Whopping $82M Fine

Earlier this month, in its war against illegal robocalling campaigns the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed another hefty fine. That is, a fine of 82 million dollars. Yikes! The target of the FCC’s wrath? Mr. Philip Roesel, who wasn’t just calling a la Adele style. Instead, Mr. Roesel is accused of both illegal robocalling in … Continue Reading

Coming Soon: Mobile Spam?

The Commission has issued a public notice which - you should probably be sitting down for this one - denies the accuracy of a rumor circulating on the Internet! But as it turns out, the "rumor" may not be too far from the truth.… Continue Reading