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The Devil and the Details: FCC Adopts Elaborate White Space Rules

Thudding a 1.3 pound order on the press table late last Friday, the FCC not only ruined a lot of Washington weekends, but ended years of dispute by authorizing unlicensed devices on TV frequencies. The rules themselves still run to 15 single-spaced pages. Sure, there is always room to quibble over details - but the basic regulatory structure seems workable.… Continue Reading

FCC Rushes To Authorize White Space Use – Who Needs Facts?

It always looked good on paper. Every city has dozens of TV channels sitting empty. Why not use them for something? As Wi-Fi became popular, Wi-Fi-like unlicensed operation became the application of choice for these “white space” channels – so called because they show up in white on a frequency map. Big money signed on: Microsoft, Google, Motorola, and Intel, … Continue Reading

White Space Testing Goes On . . . And On . . .

The FCC has announced yet another round of tests on TV "white space" mobile devices.  These products — if they ever reach the market — will be used for unlicensed, Wi-Fi-type communications on locally vacant TV channels.  The ongoing tests are intended to determine whether the devices can successfully avoid interfering with TV signals. The … Continue Reading