In a letter to Chairman Kevin Martin on Tuesday, the National Association of Broadcasters informed the Commission of its plans to educate the public on the February 17, 2009 hard date to complete the digital transition.

As reported in Michael Richards’ article posted August 21, the Commission is seeking public comment concerning how to best prepare the public for the transition. The NAB letter, written by NAB Joint Chairman Jack Sander, previewed the formal comments that the association will file in the proceeding (comments are due Sept. 17).

According to the letter, "more than 60 percent of Americans surveyed are completely unaware that the transition is taking place." The NAB specified numerous steps it has taken and will continue to take over the next 18 months to facilitate the transition.

In addition to surveys, web-based outreach and paid media and marketing to inform the public, Sander’s letter detailed a public service announcement campaign that will include four to six fully-produced and edited 30-second announcements and at least one 60-second version that will be distributed to stations later this year. The NAB will also provide the stations with story ideas and copy for newscasts, video packages, graphics, crawls and non-English language spots to reach the broadest possible audience.

Sander’s letter detailing the NAB’s plans can be read here.