Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth has clients in every state, Puerto Rico, and Guam, as well as in several other countries. The firm serves as counsel to over 900 AM, FM and TV broadcast stations, local and long distance telephone companies, major banking institutions, telecommunications equipment suppliers, technological start-ups, private and common carrier fixed and mobile radio spectrum users, cable television systems, wireless cable entities, satellite communications service providers, computer and Internet companies, scientific research organizations, trade associations, universities, state and local governments and corporate users of telecommunications and information technology services.

Internationally, the firm has been employed by private companies and by the U.S. and other governments for its expertise in communications regulation. The firm evaluates the impact of U.S. telecommunications policy on international ventures, assists in the sale of communications properties overseas, and advises clients on the regulatory hurdles involved in foreign ownership of communications entities. The firm has also helped launch new categories of products and services, in some cases overseeing major regulatory overhauls. Our attorneys are active and influential as members and officers in numerous key industry associations and frequently participate as speakers, panel members, and study group chairs at major industry meetings.