We now understand that  Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Performance Rights Act (which we mentioned to you earlier today) has been postponed. 

The Committee’s calendar makes no mention of the cancellation (though information regarding the hearing has never been updated).  However, other outlets are reporting the cancellation (with the Radio and internet Newsletter ("RAIN") site surmising that the hearing has fallen victim to a conflict with a Joint Address to Congress by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, also scheduled for 10 am on Wednesday, March 4).    A call to the House Judiciary Committee confirms what the Committee website will not:  the hearing is off. 

As our own Frank Jazzo said, "Probably just as well from the broadcasters’ perspective".  That’s especially true given that the number of supporters for the counter-movement known as the "Local Radio Freedom Act" (LRFA) is up to 131 — did the scheduling of this hearing which never actually occurred spur more Representatives to add their names to the list of LFRA supporters?