The joint NTIA/RUS “request for information and notice of public meetings” we described here yesterday has been published in the Federal Register on March 12. That publication establishes the deadline for written comments as April 13, 2009. Instructions for submission of comments are set out at the end of the Federal Register notice. A couple of tips: if your comments are longer than five pages, you’re supposed to include a one-page executive summary; if they’re 10 pages or more, you also need a table of contents. You can file electronically. In fact, NTIA/RUS would prefer you do so, especially if your comments are 10 pages or longer. One disincentive for paper filers: if you go the paper route, you also have to include a CD or DVD with an electronic version of your submission, properly identified on the label. Let us know if we can be of any help in preparing any submissions you might want to make.