We wrote a couple weeks ago about a patent infringement lawsuit filed against several major radio broadcasters for their unauthorized use of software that allows them to replace over-the-air advertisements with webcast-specific ads. 

Here’s an interesting take on the same case by Jerry Del Colliano in the "Inside Music Media" blog.  Mr. Del Colliano makes no bones about it:  "This is trouble — big trouble", because the radio companies are certain to get tied up in expensive and time consuming litigation.  There’s no easy resolution to the case and the radio stations are pretty much obliged to fight because they have no real alternative to using the replacement software.

He repeatedly disclaims that he’s not a lawyer.  We are, but thankfully haven’t heard from any clients — or other broadcasters — about this or similar litigation.  However, if you’re a broadcaster, it’s clear that you still need to be following this case and might want to consult a lawyer for more information.