The deadline for FM Auction 79 short-form applications is just around the corner.

Next week will be June already, and we are fast approaching the deadline for applications of the upcoming Auction 79, featuring 122 vacant FM channels up for grabs.  As we blogged back in April, even though the auction itself is not scheduled to bebegin until September, in order to participate you will have to file your short-form application(s) (Form 175) by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on June 25.

And all you existing stations that might be thinking about filing for a mod in the near future: Don’t forget that the FCC will not accept any applications for changes in existing FM stations between June 16 and June 25.  If you want to avoid having your plans messed up by any new applications that might be filed for channels on the auction block, you should get your mod application(s) filed by June 15.

For anyone interested in the auction, the FCC will hold a freebie pre-auction seminar, with hands-on demos, to teach you the basics of how to use their online bidding system.  The seminar will be at 10:30 a.m. on June 16. (Since the application filing window opening at high noon the same day, any lessons you learn at the seminar should still be fresh in your mind.)  Registration for the seminar closes June 12.  The registration form may be found here. You can participate either in person at the FCC’s offices in Washington or online at  Select the “Auction Seminar” link.