We could do an analysis of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s past opinions and read the tea leaves as to how her appointment to the Court will affect broadcasters, newspapers, media and other First Amendment concerns. 

But there’s enough out there already for us to say:  just check out the links below and amuse yourselves for a while. Note that Judge Sotomayor hasn’t heard many cases on appeal from the FCC — or even Administrative Law cases which might demonstrate how she would eventually rule in an FCC-originated case.

But there’s still plenty to interest broadcasters and other media:

Broadcasting and Cable magazine talks to veteran attorneys who have argued before or went to school with Judge Sotomayor and come to some conclusions as to how she’ll affect media interests. 

The Freedom Forum tackles multiple topics within the First Amendment:

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press does — as it has for all recent Supreme Court nominess — an extensive review of past opinions affecting the First Amendment and Freedom of Information Act here.  

Popsci.com is just happy that we have a  "tech-savvy" nominee

Wired agrees.

While the National Tech Journal notes that her private practice was steeped in intellectual property issues.

And, just for fun, Tony Mauro of American Lawyer Media opines  in the USA Today on how Justice Souter’s department may finally result in camera coverage of oral argument