OMB approves Section 74.1284, Forms 303-S, 345; Form 349 still in limbo

On September 1 we reported that the rules permitting AM signals to be rebroadcast on FM translators will become effective on October 1 – all the rules, that is, except Section 74.1284, which supposedly still required OMB approval. (OMB approval had already been given, as it turns out and as we reported, but that word had apparently not reached the FCC by the time it made its initial announcement about the October 1 effective date.) As we predicted would happen, the Commission has now issued a follow-up notice alerting the public to the OMB approval and consequent effectiveness of Section 74.1284 as of October 1.

The lack of effectiveness of Section 74.1284 had also meant that revised Forms 303-S (for license renewal) and 345 (for assignments or transfers of control of translators) were themselves technically not effective, either. But now that OMB is on board with the 74.1284 changes, it has also signed off on the revised 303-S and 345. Those, too, are good to go as of October 1.

But there’s one remaining loose end: Form 349 (for new and modified FM translator/booster CP’s) is still lost in OMB limbo. (It looks like the FCC didn’t get around to asking for OMB approval of that revised form until September 4.) Keep your eyes out for a further notice advising of the effectiveness of revised Form 349.