On September 1, we reported that the FCC had, at long, long last, managed to get its order authorizing the rebroadcast of AM stations on FM translators published in the Federal Register, thus establishing an effective date for the new rule. But, as we also reported, there were still a couple of loose ends – a related rule (Section 74.1284) and several translator-related forms needed to be revised to conform to the new rules, and the revisions hadn’t yet been approved by the Office of Management and Budget. No problem – as we reported a week later, most of those loose ends got tied up pronto, allowing the new rules and revised Forms 303-S and 345 to take effect October 1.

But wait. Form 349 (for new and modified FM translator/booster CP’s) somehow got left behind, lost in OMB limbo. Not to worry, though. The Commission managed to hustle that last form over to OMB (on September 4), OMB gave it the thumbs up (on October 8), on October 16 public notice of OMB’s approval made it into the Federal Register and voilà! Revised Form 349 is now effective.