Last month we reported on an FCC order implementing changes – and proposing even more changes – in the areas of Private Land Mobile Radio and Wireless Medical Telemetry Services.  That order has now been published in the Federal Register in two different places: the report and order portion, which includes the adopted rule changes, may be found here, while the notice of proposed rulemaking chunk, which includes the proposed changes, here. Federal Register publication in turn establishes (a) the effective date of the newly adopted rules (May 14, 2010), and (b) the deadlines for comments and reply comments on the proposals. If you plan to file comments, you have until May 14, 2010; reply comments may be filed on or before June 1. Oh, and if you’re unhappy with the new rules and want to seek reconsideration, the deadline for a petition for reconsideration is May 14. As an alternative, you could seek judicial review of the new rules – and for that, June 14 would be your deadline.