It’s official!!! The deadline for filing reg fees this year is August 31.  We sure hope you didn’t have any plans for an end-of-summer get-away around then.  (If you did, don’t forget to bring along your FRN password, the Fee Filer URL and a credit card.)

The Commission is required by statute to impose a hefty late fee amounting to 25% of any untimely fee, so now would be a good time for everyone to mark their calendars with a reminder to get their fees into the Commission by August 31.

Fees can be paid on-line through the FCC’s Fee Filer system. Electronic filing provides a quick and relatively simple way of getting the job done, as well as an instant proof of payment – which can come in handy in case any question arises about the timeliness of payment. Fee payers who choose to use snail mail do so at their own peril.