CALM Act signed by President

It’s official! President Obama signed the CALM Act on December 15, so it’s now the Law of the Land. Fans of the new law wishing to show their appreciation are encouraged to applaud quietly, with any cheers kept to “indoor voice” levels. Opponents can grimace all they want – just keep the noise down, please.

For those of you who have been walking around with cotton stuffed in your ears (to avoid loud commercials on TV) and who may, as a result, have missed out on the background of the CALM Act, you can check out our posts on the matter here. But don’t be throwing all that cotton away just yet. While the Act has now made it  through the peristalsis that is the legislative process, that means only that Congress and the White House have dumped the hot potato of loud commercials onto the FCC’s lap. It’s now up to the FCC to change its rules to incorporate the remedy prescribed by the Act, and then it will be up to video providers to bring themselves into compliance. The Act gives the FCC a year to get its part of the job done, and it gives video providers a year to get their own act together once the new rules are in place. Check back here for updates.