Last December we reported on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in which the Commission proposed to overhaul the experimental licensing rules. The deadline for comments on the various proposals has come and gone (it was March 10), but you still have time to file reply comments, which are due by April 11. Be careful, though. The Office of Engineering and Technology has just released an Erratum to its NPRM advising that one of the two docket numbers listed in the caption of the NPRM was wrong. According to the text of the Erratum, the second of the two numbers should read “ET Docket No. 06-155”

This information may be important to anyone planning to file reply comments: having the correct docket number in the caption should help to get the filing into the proper bureaucratic pigeonhole in the FCC’s filing system.

Of course, this doesn’t help folks who filed comments using, presumably, the incorrect docket number – although there’s a reasonable chance that, if they used the correct lead docket number (that would be ET Docket No. 10-236), there shouldn’t be any problem.

Now that the Commission has spread the word to the public about the mistaken docket number, it might also want to do the same internally. The caption of the Erratum still includes the incorrect number.