The Commission’s 2011 reg fees still aren’t technically effective, and the FCC has yet to announce the deadline for paying those fees . . . but the Fee Filer system is ready – NOW – to take your reg fee payments.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to pay bills early to avoid pesky late charges and the like, here’s your chance. The Commission has opened up its Fee Filer system to accept payments of 2011 regulatory fees. The Pay Here/Pay Now window on the FCC’s website was apparently opened for reg fees as of sometime on August 12, even though there doesn’t appear to have been any formal announcement to that effect – just a fine-print notice at the top of the Fee Filer page reading “Fee Filer is presently ready to accept filings for 2011 regulatory fees.” 

Of course, the 2011 reg fees adopted by the Commission last month won’t be effective until September 9 (that’s according to the Federal Register notice that popped up a couple of days ago), so technically the new fees aren’t yet really on the books. But niggling details like that probably won’t stop the Commission from accepting your payment now.

The Commission has also not yet officially announced the deadline by which reg fees must be paid. Our sources indicate that that date is likely to be September 14, but we won’t know for sure until the Commission spreads the official word. We’re guessing that could happen this coming Monday, August 15.  Check back here for updates.