Requests for “no hazard” determinations still being processed . . . in some cases

What with the FAA being pretty much shut down thanks to Congressional bickering, and with that bickering not likely to stop until sometime in September (at the earliest), we got to wondering – what’s up with any pending requests for Determinations of No Hazard?  If, for example, we happen to need such a determination in order to get an FCC construction permit granted, can we expect to get the determination despite the FAA shut-down, or should we just close up shop and go fishing for a month or two – until Congress, tanned, rested and ready, toddles back to DC post-recess and swings back into action?

Going straight to the source, we called the FAA – fully expecting to get a recording telling us to leave a message (only to then learn that the voice-mailbox was full). Were we wrong! We called a listing for the FAA’s Obstruction Evaluation Group and, lo and behold, somebody actually answered the phone. Even more surprising, it turns out (at least according to that person) that requests for Determinations of No Hazard are in fact still being processed.

That’s the good news.

The bad news: if your particular request requires the FAA folks in DC to consult with any local airport officials in the hinterlands, and if that consultation didn’t happen prior to the start of the FAA shut-down late last month, your request probably won’t be going anywhere soon. In those circumstances it looks like you’ll have to wait until the FAA shut-down is ended and the necessary airport personnel get back on line. 

Whether any “no hazard” request might require consultation with local airport officials depends on the particulars of the request. Anyone with such a request in the hopper should check with their aeronautical consultant (or engineering consultant).