Holy Epiphany! No FM minor mods will be accepted from January 3-12, 2012

Last month we reported on a freeze, imposed in light of the impending Auction 93, on certain types of FM-related proposals. As we observed there, the notice was a bit unusual because it did not follow the Media Bureau’s standard operating procedure for FM auctions in at least one respect. That is, in past auctions the Bureau has frozen any and all minor mod applications (for commercial or noncommercial stations) during the filing window for short form (Form 175) applications for the auction channels.

Never fear – the standard operating procedure is still standard and still operating. With the release of the separate order establishing the dates and procedures for Auction 93, the Bureau has also announced that it will not accept FM commercial and noncommercial educational minor change applications during the Auction 93 Form 175 application filing window – a window which will open on January 3, 2012, and close on January 12, 2012.