The job’s not over until the (electronic) paperwork is finished.

A tickler from our Forgotten-But-Not-Gone File reminds us to remind you that Form 3 reports from the nationwide EAS test conducted in early November are due to be filed by December 27 – the first day after the long Christmas weekend. Form 3 is not particularly complicated. In fact, if you’ve already completed Form 1 (which you should have, since it was supposed to be done by the date of the nationwide test), you’ve already taken care of just about all the heavy lifting here.

You can get to the reporting forms at the FCC’s website here. Note that there’s a notation on one page at that site indicating that Form 3 is due to be filed by December 24. That’s kind of true – the final report was due 45 days after the nationwide test, which does indeed take you to the 24th. But since December 24 is a Saturday, the FCC’s conventional rule (Section 1.4(j), if you want to delve into it, which we don’t recommend) provides that the deadline automatically over to the next business day. Since Monday, December 26 is a Federal holiday, the form is due to be filed by Tuesday, December 27.