Got something more to say about the FCC’s Lifeline reform? You’re in luck, because at least one more chance to share your thoughts with the Commission is here – as long as those thoughts have something to do with any of the petitions for reconsideration filed with respect to the Lifeline reform order released back in February.

According to a notice in the Federal Register, a total of eight reconsideration petitions were filed. The publication of that Register notice sets the deadlines for oppositions and replies to the petitions. If you want to oppose any of the petitions, you’ve got until May 7, 2012. Replies are now due by May 15.

In the underlying order, the Commission adopted various reforms to reduce Lifeline fraud, waste and abuse, and otherwise overhaul the Lifeline program. Read the full order here – or if you’re not up for 231 pages of fine print bureaucratese, followed by another 100+ pages of appendices – you can read more about it in our post from last month.

If you would prefer to read only the petitions for reconsideration, you can find them at the links below:


TracFone Wireless

T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Sprint Nextel

General Communication, Inc.

Nexus Communications, Inc.

American Public Communications Council, Inc.

District of Columbia Public Service Commission