Wilkommen, Bienvenu, 欢迎

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth is pleased to announce that Cheng-Yi Liu has joined our team as an associate attorney effective January 2, 2013. Cheng is a 2006 graduate from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University, where he received a Merit Scholarship and Dean’s Honors and, most strikingly, co-founded the University’s Chinese Yo-Yo Club. He got his undergraduate degree (a B.A., with a minor in electrical engineering) from the University of Texas. He’s spent the last five years advising clients on a wide range of telecom and regulatory matters, including VoIP, wireless licensing, carrier service/resale arrangements and the like. We’re pleased to report that, in addition to his obvious familiarity with telecom law (and his interest in Chinese Yo-Yo), Cheng also lists recreational lock-picking among his hobbies. Cheng resides with his wife, Sarah (and, of course, their cat, Mrs. Huggins) in Arlington, Virginia.