A couple of months ago we reported on the FCC’s overhaul of its experimental radio rules. The Report and Order detailing that overhaul has now appeared in the Federal Register, which means that many, but not all, of the new rules will take effect on May 29, 2013. As indicated in our initial post, though, a bunch of the new rules involve “information collections” which will have to be run past the Office of Management and Budget for its approval before they can take effect. (Which sections are OMB-bound? Many of the ones that really matter: Sections 2.803(c)(2), 5.59, 5.61, 5.63, 5.64, 5.65, 5.73, 5.79, 5.81, 5.107, 5.115, 5.121, 5.123, 5.205, 5.207, 5.217(b), 5.307, 5.308, 5.309, 5.311, 5.404, 5.405, 5.406, 5.504, and 5.602.) OMB approval usually takes a few months. Check back here for updates.