A bit of Fletcher Heald family news. Our colleague, Davina Sashkin, and her hubby, Bill Schreiner, welcomed William A. Schreiner, III, into their family – and the greater FHH fold – this past week. Mom and young Liam are doing well.  Liam is pictured, angelically asleep, at left. (Tip to Davina and Bill: don’t get used to this.) We here in the CommLawBlog bunker wish them all the best.

And Liam’s arrival reminds us that today is Mother’s Day. Permit us to diverge slightly from our usual FCC-centric mission to provide this public service announcement. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you turn off your computer, pick up the phone, and give Mom a call to thank her for what she’s done for you lo these many years. You know you appreciate her – and today’s the day to let her know, too.